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biro GmbH
Alte Krefelder Strasse 54 | 47829 Krefeld | Germany
P: +49 2151 - 944 888 | F: +49 2151 - 944 885

A short profile of biro GmbH
The company's history in import and distribution goes back to Messrs. G. Wüstney and Cie. which was established in 1867 in Hamburg and taken over by William M. Rowan in 1971. The company's name was altered to biro GmbH in 1979.

Approximately 70% of our revenue is generated in the textile and leather goods area and most prominently in bags ranging from small cosmetic bags to large sports bags. These products and other textile products are manufactured in the PR of China in a modern factory which is co-managed as a joint venture. This makes us highly flexible and gives us a firm hand in all aspects of the business from the manufacture of samples through quality control and production down to maintaining strict delivery schedules. The remaining 30% of our revenue comes from non-textile consumer goods sourced from our Hong Kong office which also oversees production, quality control and delivery schedules. These items are manufactured mostly in the PR of China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.

We produce and import to specific customer requirements only and therefore do not carry stock.

Our customers place special emphasis on quality, flexibility, reliability and, of course, value for money and we are committed to fulfilling these expectations

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